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How To Configure Glo Internet settings On Android Phones To Browse The Internet

In my previous post I talked about simple, very easy to follow steps in configuring MTN internet settings on your Android phone, now I want to quickly take you through the steps involved in configuring glo internet settings on your Android device and start connecting to the internet.

NB: I am using an HTC Android phone as reference, but it is still similar process involved.

STEP 1: Create New APN
Hey before you continue with this configuration, have you subscribed to any glo internet bundle yet? If not, go to my previous post ----) Glo Blackberry Plans, subscription Codes and How to subscribe for the list of codes and internet plans that may suite your needs.
1. To create new APN, follow these steps carefully, Go to settings >>>Wireless and Networks >>> Mobile Networks.
2. Select Mobile Networks followed by GSM/UTMS OPTIONS
3. Select Access Point Names then click the MENU icon to select New APN at the bottom of the screen.

STEP 2: Enter the following details
Name: Glo Internet
APN:  gloflat
Username:  flat
Password:   flat
Security: PAP or CHAP

STEP 3: Save the set up
glo internet configuration on android phonesSave the set up before you leave by clicking the MENU option and selecting SAVE. then you can now leave the set up screen.

Congratulations!!! You have successfully configured your Android phone with glo internet settings.

NB: Remember to click the radio icon of the settings you just created after leaving the settings screen. Then go back to MOBILE NETWORK to connect to the internet.
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  1. Does this work with the Glo BIS plan or the normal data plan?

    1. Sorry, the GLO BIS plan has stopped working on non-blackberry devices for sometime now. But this settings will work for any glo data plan and even bonus data.

  2. Thank you for the information, it has been helpful to can pass by my site for more free WiFi hacking toolsfree internet zones or internet gurus Thank you.

  3. Pls my infinix hot 2 is giving me problem with glo line. after subscribing then I switched to 3g but after few seconds the edge network would show up but this hasn't stop n I'm not enjoying my sub, I used the above settings you stated

  4. Legend-instrumentaionJuly 16, 2016 at 7:47 AM

    Glo promise of a large data for N2000 really isnt true. The Glo Internet is unnecessarily slow, I tried it just this month and was disappointed. I am porting back to MTN.

  5. The network was bad for some weeks but it's better now

    You may still check from GLO users around you if the network has improved over there too