Clear All Gotv and Dstv error codes with this short code

Many months ago, i wrote about How To Clear E-017 error on Gotv, the two methods highlighted in the post helped a great deal; based on the feedback from readers. This time around, i want to share with you an alternative means
of clearing error codes on Gotv and Dstv. This method seems to be easier and faster. See details as you read on.   


Shortcode for Clearing Gotv and Dstv ERROR codes

DSTV: To clear error codes on Dstv, dial *288*2# from your mobile phone, respond with the correct details as required by the System.  

The use of this Dstv short code allows you to clear E16, E17 and E30 errors on Dstv.

GOTV: To clear error codes on Gotv, dial *288*1# from your mobile phone, respond with the correct details as required by the System. 

IMPORTANT: You will be asked to supply your IUC or DSTV number alongside the Surname that is associated with the account, so make sure you have the details handy.

Have you tried the code yet? Let us have your contribution via comments.   

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