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How to Check your Bank Verification Number - BVN Via Phone

;Bank Verification Number- BVN is an initiative of the CBN to ensure transparency, security and easy assessment of data in accordance with best
practices in developed countries. In my own opinion, i love the whole idea except for the fact that i now have Eleven (11) digits more to memorize. Well, that won't be a problem since we can now get the BVN Number anytime through our mobile phone even without Internet connection.

How To Check Your BVN via Mobile Phone

To Check your Bank Verification Number on your mobile phone, simply dial *565*0# from that particular line you used for registration at the bank.  

Try it and relay your feedback to the comments section. Enjoy!

If you are yet to do your BVN, hurry before the deadline elapses.



  1. Is it free to check?

  2. A customer service agent in my bank just requested for my BVN and sincerely I don't know it off hand. Your article was really helpful. Thanks a lot

  3. Simple, precise and it worked. Thanks Inforisticblog

  4. Thanks so much,you really helped me for my bvn,I needed it urgently and I found it immediately I diall the code, you really helped.. Thanks once again

    1. Thanks for the feedback Omotola! You are always welcome.


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