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How to borrow Airtime credits from Etisalat

Etisalat EasyCredits allows prepaid customers on the Etisalat network in Nigeria to borrow airtime and pay back during their next airtime recharge.This service is not automatically available to all Etisalat subscribers, you will need to request for the service via SMS or USSD. See the service request code and activation code for borrowing airtime credits on the Etisalat network.

Request and Activation codes for borrowing Airtime on the Etisalat Network


Follow the steps below to start borrowing airtime from Etisalat;
  • Dial *665*3# or text STATUS to 665 to know if you are eligible for the Easycredit service
  • If you are eligible, dial *665*Amount# or text the amount you wish to borrow to 665. For example dial *665*100# to borrow 100 Naira.

NB: A service fee of 10% is applicable to every successful transaction i.e you will get 90 NGN if you borrow 100 NGN. You can only borrow between 50 - 1000 NGN 

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