How to stop Auto-renewal of your Glo Data Bundle

Glo data auto-renewal feature enables automatic re-subscription of your current data plan upon expiration provided you have enough credit to complete the transaction. Although, Glo might have activated this feature to save customers the stress of dialing subscription codes, this feature sometimes can be unfriendly especially when your current data plan expires and you just recharged your line for other purposes like calls, send sms or buy another data plan that's different from your previous plan. Instead of having your airtime credit deducted without prior notice for the renewal of your current glo data plan, here's how to Cancel auto-renewal of your current data plan in order to use your airtime for other purposes.

How To Cancel Auto-renewal of your Glo Data Plan

To cancel the auto-renewal of your Glo data plan, simply text "CANCEL" without the quotes to 127

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Make sure you dial the code before the expiration of your current glo data plan. infact, i strongly suggest you dial the code after making the subscription in order to notify the network that you do not want your current data plan to be renewed after it expires.

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  3. send CANCEL to 127 while the plan is still active.


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