Fidelity Bank airtime recharge code to other mobile Lines

Fidelity bank airtime recharge codes allows her customers to recharge their mobile lines from their account with the bank. Initially, you could only buy airtime for your own mobile phone that is associated with your account with Fidelity but the service has now been extended to recharge your other lines as well. See code and other details as you read on.

Buying airtime from your Fidelity Bank to other mobile phones 

To buy airtime to your other mobile lines that is not associated with your account with Fidelity Bank, simply dial *904*Amount*Phone-Number#. 

For example, dial *904*500*08012345678# to buy 500 Naira airtime to the said mobile number.  


If you want to recharge your mobile line that is associated with your account with Fidelity bank, you can either dial *904*Amount# or dial *770*Amount#. 


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