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Google Assistant’s quick phrases will soon replace “Hey Google” hotword

Sometime in April, a strange “voice shortcuts” page appeared for some users under Google Assistant’s settings page. This page directed users to an internal Google documentation for a new feature code-named guacamole . 

CNC Machines Are Important for Manufacturing: Here's Why

Did you know that 3D printers are CNC machines ? There are many advantages to using CNC machines over traditional manufacturing machines. These machines use a program to machine out parts. 

What Kind of Liability Insurance Do Painters Need?

Whether you are a one-person operation or you have a team of fifty painters working for you chances are you need painters insurance. Painter’s insurance can help protect your business in case things go wrong.

Your Official Guide to Enterprise Content Management

About 60% of marketers say that they create at least one piece of content each day. As much as enterprise-level marketers depend on content marketing, less than half of them say that they are effective at it.

4 Ways Working with IT Support Services Will Give Your Company an Edge

Are you planning to hire IT support services but not sure whether it'll be money well spent? Well, here's how those pros will help your company.

How to Find Good Employees Who Want to Grow With Your Company

Good employees are fantastic, but good employees who commit long-term are even better. Learn how to find good employees who stay and grow with the company.

How to Password Protect a ZIP File? a Helpful Guide

Can a ZIP file be password protected? Yes, you can definitely do it. Read on to learn how to password protect a ZIP file here.