Instant password recovery: How to Recover lost password

SOME weeks back, i was forced to change my password on fb (facebook) due to suspicious logins on my account from some kind of unknown device. i was too anxious so i entered a password i wasn't so sure i would still remember. The next time i tried login in, i discovered that i have lost the password.....
    I was so mad at myself until a friend showed me the instant password recovery software and i think i should share it with people that may find it interesting.
click here to download
But before you download it, here is a brief review of the software:
  • THE software is really FAST
  • With just a click, the program runs 12 different password recovery tools at once and displays results for Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Gmail, Google Talk, Google Picasa, MSN/Windows Live, Yahoo Messenger, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera Browser, Firefox
  • It can be downloaded into a flash drive and used on any PC
  • It is easy to use and affordable
  • It does not slow down your PC
  • Illegal use of it on my PC but you can prevent that by making sure that :
  1. Your password is a secret between you and your PC
  2. The USB drive of your PC is protected from unauthorised use by using any trusted USB DRIVE SECURITY SOFTWARE but i will always recommend USB disk security
  3. Always remember to keep your PC at your reach
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