Why cashless society in Nigeria will make us lazy?


Late last year, the new policy of banking was announced by the Central bank of Nigeria it was called Cashless society. This policy says that individuals will now pay
one hundred naira for every one thousand naira on deposits exceeding 150,000NGN while corporate bodies will pay extra 100NGN on every 1000 on deposits exceeding NGN1,000,000.i.e the ultimate purpose of this policy is to promote electronic banking at it’s fullest which in turn will make buying and selling as easy as a kilobyte away from your wap enabled phone.
          On the other hand, this cashless society policy has enhanced the birth of  mobile money sites like pocketmoni and mypaga

What is Pocketmoni?

        Pocketmoni is the brand name for etranzact mobile money service and it is the first truly operational mobile commerce application that is multinetwork with the ability to interface seamlessly with third party payment schemes
 With Pocketmoni, you can:
*    Send money to friends and family
*    Buy airtime of any network

*    Make cash deposits
*    Accept payments from anyone
*    Transfer money from your pocket moni account to any bank account
*    Pay DSTV, MYTV and HITV monthly subscriptions
*    Pay PHCN bills and other POST PAID bills
*    Buy airline tickets and book hotels with your phone
*    Send money to anyone through your phone   


v     Pick up your phone and go to where you send messages on it
v     As a message, type REG SURNAME FIRSTNAME  { e.g REG TANKO SAMUEL}
v     Send the message to 20220 and wait for a reply message containing a PIN number
v     To get the mobile application go to your phone wap browser and type http://mobile.etranzact.com/pocketmoni.jad  or call their call centre on 015870553  

Mypaga is also a mobile money service provider and I must confess I love it so much because of the ease of payment  which is through a verve card or mastercard Naira , deposit is made through the secured portal of quickteller and it also has all the capabilities and functions as pocketmoni.
   I would like you to see it for yourself. Just goto www.mypaga.com to create an account and once you set up the account, you will be able to make your deposits and start paying those bills the easiest way ever.
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