How to configure Glo wap settings for china phone/ BlackBerry


China phones are the new revolution of mobile phones that has gained entry into the Nigerian phone market they include Tecno, Spice, itel and so many others.

Therefore, this brief tutorial is meant to guide you through configuring Glo wap settings on your china phone.
Firstly, you need to be sure that your china phone is capable of browsing the internet by typing  *#06# on your china phone,  exactly the same way you dial a number for a call. If the displayed number begins with 35..... That means you've got a china phone with internet browsing capability.
Secondly, follow the steps below:
• Go to your phone menu, click  on the icon 'services'
• click on 'data account'. Then choose GPRS and pick any of the settings displayed for editing I.e click on any of the preconfigured settings on that list e.g TAT GPRS...Then change all the Parameters as follows

        • Account name: Glo wap (I.e change the account name to Glo wap)
        •  APN: glogwap
        • username: wap
        • password: wap
        •Autentication type: Secure
STEP 2: Under the same menu, click on Internet or wap. You should see the following content:      Homepage,  bookmarks, enter address , service inbox, settings e.t.c
Click on settings, then choose edit profile. Just like the first step there are different profile names here. So,  click on any of them and you will be prompted to activate or Edit profile. Choose edit profile and fill in the following parameters
•Profile name: Glo wap
• Data account: Glo wap
•Connection type: Connection oriented
• IP address:
• Username: wap
• Password: wap
Now you are done, just press back and activate your new profile. Make sure you've got credit on your account.
     Incase of any hassle, drop it in the comment box below and we'll be pleased to resolve them.
Hope this helps....  CHEERS!!!




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