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Best way to invest your $2 and get paid for LIFE

Paradoxcash is a new prelaunch site I just discovered recently. It is owned by Angelina and Nigel and from my research so far, this is going to be one of the biggest thing on the internet this year 2012 and beyond. Paradoxcash is presently looking for 30,000 founder members. Here's what you will benefit as a founder member: • 50% of all profit will be shared between the first 30,000 founder members only!!  Plus:  •  10% of all the advertising your referrals sell under you 10 levels deep

Glo Radio: How to subscribe and Unsubscribe

Glo radio is like an entertainment platform from Globacom that allows you to listen to your favorite songs from various artists , with other services which includes dedicating a song to someone special, all for a weekly fee of #25 HOW TO SUBSCRIBE Text SUB as a message to 77011 Well, from personal experience, I've observed that glo find it very easy to advertise new services that require subscription but very difficult to include the way to unsubscribe. Therefore, here's how to unsubscribe • TO UNSUBSCRIBE  Just type UNSUB as a message to 77011   I hope this helps. Be nice, share this with your friends on your social networks with the share buttons below.

How to Get Free recharge cards on LAGBOOK

Just like Facebook, LAGBOOK is another fast growing social network that allows you to do almost everything you can do on Facebook which includes sharing of your pictures with friends and seeing what others are doing

Why your Phone gets HOT!

   This has been a common problem that affects most phones and majority of phone users don't really care about it until the phone goes completely bad. Truly, there are some very sensitive parts of your phone that are allergic to much heat. Therefore, reading this post carefully will definitely save you a lot of cash now or in future.

TANGO: Make free Local and International calls on your phone

Tango is an application that gives you the exclusive ability to make free phone and video calls not only on your PC but also on your mobile devices i.e Tango allows you to make free phone calls to any other person who has Tango installed on their smartphone, tablet or PC all over 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi network.