List of Etisalat NG Internet Data Plans & Subscription Codes


When it comes to fast internet in Nigeria, I think Etisalat is taking the lead (I don't wish to be biased though... Just personal experience) and coupled with the fact that they've got good internet plans too. Etisalat has got Smartphone plans, BlackBerry plans, regular mobile plans, and strictly opera mini plans.

This article therefore contains all the etisalat Nigeria internet plans and their respective subscription codes

List of Etisalat Mobile Internet Plans


MI1.                      1 Day              10MB.     #100

MI2.                      1 WEEK           50MB.     #500

MB2.                    1 MONTH       200MB.  #1000

MB3.                    1 MONTH       500MB.  #2000

MB4.                    1 MONTH.       1.5G      #4000

MB5.                    1 MONTH.         3GB.    #6500

MB7.                     N&W.            UNLTD   #4000

 •N&W - Night and weekend

 • UNLTD -Unlimited for that duration

To subscribe to any of the above packages, simply text the code of choice to 229.
For example, To buy the 1.5GB plan: type "MB4" without the quotes as a message to 229
i.e MB4 ====>> 229

NB: Make sure you have enough credit to purchase your desired plan. So, take time in checking the price  of each plan before sending the message or else you'll get a reply message telling you that you've got insufficient credit for that purchase

Etisalat Facebook plans

Etisalat Facebook plans allows Facebook users to connect with their friends through the Facebook application for just a small fee. There are 3 options to choose from; The daily Plan, weekly plan and Monthly Plan.

Daily Plan.              FBD.                  #25
Weekly Plan          FBW.                 #100
Monthly Plan.       FBM.                 #200

How To Subscribe
To subscribe, simply send the short code of your choice plan to 229. For example; If you are interested in the daily plan, just text FBD as a message to 229.


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