With sophisticated networking features, Facebook integrated inbox, your mails on the go, easy file sharing features and so on. Windows phone 7 has got it but despite all the work and fun friendly features, the windows phone 7 has also got a little of my dislike due to the restrictions that also find it's way in the default browser (internet explorer) but not any more with UCBrowser for windows phone 7 .

The default internet explorer is really fast but can you upload pix with it?  Obviously, the answer is NO! and apart from that, it's also lacking several other interesting features that can be found in the UCBrowser. Checkout the reasons:

1. UCBrowser allows you to download songs and videos. It doesn't end there.....The files are automatically saved and play whenever you like therefore UCBrowser can be used as Your music and videos library on windows phone 7 :)

2. It is incredibly fast especially when you've got a working internet connection preferably 3G/4G

3. You can download a song and  automatically choose to make it your ringtone without any further formatting or help of a second application.

4. shortcuts to your favorite sites are saved in form of large clickable tiles just like your phone's home screen. #Attractive

5. You can manually rotate the browser screen as you wish without tilting the phone  left or right.

6. With UCBrowser, you can quickly switch between tabs by simply sliding your finger to the right or left of the browser screen.

7. UCBrowser allows you to upload pictures to any website that allows you to upload pix via  mobile phones. This is impossible with the default internet explorer.

8. UCBrowser has a small rollover button at the right corner of the screen that allows you to scroll up and down to avoid clicking a link by mistake.

9. All these features are restricted in the default internet explorer

10. UCBROWSER is also available for other phones apart from WP7

How To Download  for all phones
• Go to wap.ucweb.com on your browser 


• Simply search for UCBrowser in the marketplace on your windows phone7  or smartphone device.

• Install and Launch application 


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