How to get AIRTEL 's 1GB data plan with just #1200 (UPDATED)


This is actually not one of those illegal information on cheats. It is a BlackBerry plan and the good news is that it also works on all other devices including Symbian, Java and even China phones, so far you have been using it to connect to the internet before now.

How To subscribe to the Airtel 1GB data plan

1. Insert your AIRTEL registered SIM into any phone and ensure you have up to #1200 in your account.
2. Type "BSM" (Without the quotes) as a message to 440
3. The #1200 will be deducted and a confirmation message will be received


So, if you've successfully taken all the steps above and received the confirmation message accordingly, Congratulations!!! You can now use the sim on any device. Either your phone or modem the choice is yours

Moreover, if you want to use it on your mobile phone and needs AIRTEL 's mobile internet settings, click here to read my previous post on AIRTEL Internet. That's all

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  1. Well am about trying dis tips to get 1gig data plan frm airtel...great post

  2. Hello
    Does this also work for the Complete plan N1400?


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