How to know if your YAHOOMAIL has been Attacked

Just of recent, i was logged in on my yahoomail to check some messages then decided to look for a particular message that i've sent previously but to my greatest surprise i discovered so many other messages that had been sent to my mail contacts without my consent and most of these messages are
marketing campaigns of some product and services i don't even know about. Later on, i discovered it is the work of some malicious programs which is either a virus, trojan or malware that i have downloaded unknowingly particularly from some kind of fraudulent messages from mails like Fedex support, Dhl and so on.
What to do if you suspect your YMail has been hacked

 The people sending these messages are not a staff of that organisation but only send those mails telling you about a delivery notice that is fake, you will also be persuaded  to download the tracking number and other necessary infos from a attached file there in. The trick is that immediately you click download,you also load down these unauthorised programs that has been embedded in the downloaded file. These program will take that responsibility of sending mails to your mail contacts without your consent therefore Spamming your mail contacts. So, first thing to do now is to check your sent folder to see if all the messages therein where sent by you if not, Here's what i did and it should work for you too

What to do after your Yahoo Mail account has been compromised

  1.  Delete all your browser history and cookies e.g if you are also using Mozilla firefox, simply do these on your keyboard CTRL+SHIFT+DEL then check all the empty boxes and click "clear now"
  2. visit and search for "Malwarebyte Anti-anti malware" 
  3. Launch the file, update and use it to do a FULL SCAN on your system
  4. When you are done scanning, quickly change your yahoomail password { remember to use a password you won't forget easily}
  5. That's all, you may now proceed to apologise to your friends just in case they've gotten some crazy mails from you earlier.
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