Quickteller - Pay for your Dstv through your mobile phone anytime

Quickteller offers a lot of online processing services that tends to make payment of cash go into extinction as fast as it could. The good news is that you can also use their service to pay for your dstv subscription within  seconds and it's fast, secure and reliable all from the comfort of wherever you
In order to use the quickteller service, you need:

1. Your Verve card or MasterCard    

2. Mobile phones or PC connected to the internet

3. Or the Quickteller option on your nearest ATM

For more info on how quickteller works go to www.quickteller.com/HowItWorks.aspx



To use the Quickteller service for dstv payment, Simply do these:
  •  Logon to https://www.quickteller.com/dstv
  •  Choose the amount you want to pay
  •  Fill in your smart card number and name
  •  Confirm Payment voucher and be transferred to the interswitch web pay where you will enter your card details
  •  Choose your debit card: verve card or MasterCard, followed by the card Number ( found at the front of your card)
  •  Enter your 4 digit PIN  and the CVV (3 digit number found at the back of your card)
  •  Click on the Pay tab and wait for the "payment successful" notification .... That's all
NB: ONLY Verve card and MasterCard are acceptable on www.Quickteller.com


 You can also use the Quickteller option on your ATM machine to pay for your DsTV. To do these:

1. Insert your ATM card => Enter your 4digit PIN
2. Press the button next to the Quickteller option and choose DSTV
3. Follow the STEP BY STEP process as programmed on the machine  => confirm Payment  and it's done


This is indeed the most frustrating part if your account has already been disconnected before Making the payment.

Therefore, what you should do now is to pick up your phone and call the dstv hotline 012703232 to request for the restoration of viewing on your decoder OR Click here to learn about clearing DSTV E16 error by yourself.    

At this point, I think I have come to the end of this post but it doesn't end there, let me know how helpful it is or better still your experience with the service by using the comments box at the end of
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  1. I wanted to pay for the DStv compact subscription. I mistakenly paid 63,000 instead of 6,300.

    Although, I've sent a message but I'm skeptical they will refund.

    What do you think?

  2. Hello?
    reset gotv decoder iuc 4624092798
    downgrade to gotv lite
    phone 0713 307 343


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