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How The Etisalat DotMe Service Works

The Etisalat DotMe service is an sms based messaging board service which allows Etisalat customers to share information with contacts any where, anytime. The Etisalat DotMe service is like sending information to a message base and the message will be published and made available to many people as possible via sms PROVIDED they have your number. Etisalat DotMe service does not require an internet connection it is strictly sms based and does not require any setup just send a message and the message will be published as your status and also available for all your family and friends to see via SMS

Airtel introduces 4MB internet Data plan for #50

Do you still remember that Airtel is the only telecommunication provider in Nigeria that made it possible for her customers to recharge  with as low as #50? Well here is another new one From Airtel Internet; 4MB internet plan. Pretty small though.

How To Subscribe and Unsubscribe Glo's 4040 Messages

If you are a Globacom subscriber, i believe you should be aware of this sender '4040'. Well, let me quickly talk about the 4040 service.     This service provides glo customers with almost free infos on health and beauty tips which is a very good initiative and you get the tips everyday directly in your inbox. I once subscribed for the Beauty Tips but later realised that some of the recommended herbs/plants to be used are either  very uneasy to get or unavailable in my area and to make things worst, there messages do come in at the wrong time and there were even cases of too many messages sometimes so i looked for a way to unsubscribe then later subscribed for the daily Health Tips But, if you are interested in subscribing for these glo service or looking for a way to unsubscribe from the service... This post is the solution!

5 Ways To Protect Your Smartphone From Malware Attack

Smartphones are highly technical and multifunctional and the funny part is that most users are not really aware of the fact that the capabilities of those Androids, Blackberry, i phones and so on exceeds the mere fun part.     Have you heard about Mobile Malware? They are all over the internet now and smartphones are the main Target

Facebook To Start Allowing It's Subscribers Highlight Posts For a Fee

Few days back, the Founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg announced that the number of Facebook users have finally surpassed 1 Billion and in order to  add another profit source to the networking site, they have began testing a new feature that will allow Facebook users to promote their posts to ensure that no matter how many friends they've got, the post will definitely be seen by each and every one of them With this new feature, you no longer have to worry about your friends that maybe offline or having so many feeds, the new feature will ensure that your post does not go unnoticed by your friends or likes on facebook


Imagine a situation where you have an interesting show to watch on Soundcity and every member of your house wants to watch the usual Africa Magic. Perhaps, you don't want people changing the dstv channel here and there with the remote control. Here's a little trick i use and it really works for me because it will make them drop the remote control with disappointment after pressing several times and the channel fails to change. NB: This trick will make your decoder unable to receive commands from the remote control until you return it to it's default mode.

Price of Samsung Galaxy S3 in Nigeria

T he Samsung Galaxy s3 is inspired by nature according to the manufacturer, Samsung. This phone, sees, listens and responds and above all, it allows you to easily share your beautiful scenes with it's 8MP camera, 4.8 Inch HD super AMOLED display and all other exciting features which gives that truly natural feeling, To read more of it's features... click here HOW MUCH DOES IT COST IN NIGERIA?

JUMIA: Price List of IPHONE 5 And 4S In Nigeria

S ometimes last month the much awaited Apple iPHONE 5 was launched and this time around it has been able to quickly find it's way into Nigerian telephone market. Here's just a brief info on how much you can get the iPhone 5 in Nigeria. Mind you, I’m using Jumia as reference but in case you do not know about Jumia yet, please click here to read my previous post on Jumia_ The Proudly Nigerian online shopping site

How To Migrate From Etisalat Easy cliq to Easy starter and vice versa

It's possible you just get tired of a particular tariff plan on the Etisalat network and probably there's too much to memorise everyday and you really don't know the right codes to the Migration. here's how to do it To Know Your Present Tarrif plan Simply dial *244*3# and press send. Do that to get the info about your present tarrif plan

JUMIA NG: The proudly Nigerian online shopping site

J ust in case you've not been too familiar with Jumia formally known as Kasuwa , it is a Nigerian online shopping solution where you can purchase different Brands of electronics, Books, DVD and lots of  other stuffs through the internet. They offer quality products at very affordable prices. The most interesting part is that apart from the fact that buying from Jumia is easy and convenient, they also have the most convenient payment options that will beat your expectation and they are:                                                    Use of Credit card Bank deposit Online banking and Pay on Delivery Actually, the fact that you can pay on delivery shows that Jumia is really in for serious Business and you the customer has got all the options that will suit your faith hereby minimizing risk in case of people that believe in the popular saying that "seeing is believing"

MTN WEB SELF SERVICE: carry out sim swap and even more

Follow @inforisticblog MTN web self service is a web-based self service solution that will allow you the MTN Customer® request for specific services online at your own convenience without requiring an interaction with an MTN Customer Care Representative.In short you won't have to call the mtn customer care everytime with this MTNWSS. This service is free to use and accessible 24/7 anywhere, Anytime.


Before now, you might have noticed that after subscribing to any of the Etisalat blackberry plan or smartphone plans as explained in my previous post, the plan will renew itself after the usage of the present plan provided there is credit in your account. Sincerely speaking, this could be very annoying atimes because you may want to use the available credit for calls, messaging or whatever so i decided to quickly tell you how you can stop auto renewal of your internet data subscription on Etisalat. TO STOP AUTO-RENEWAL Simply dial *244*1# (For easy cliq) or *244*2# (For easy starter) and press send. That's it  Always remember to do this once you wish to opt-out or deactivate etisalat BIS or smartphone plan -->