5 Ways To Protect Your Smartphone From Malware Attack


Smartphones are highly technical and multifunctional and the funny part is that most users are not really aware of the fact that the capabilities of those Androids, Blackberry, i phones and so on exceeds the mere fun part.

Have you heard about Mobile Malware? They are all over the internet now and smartphones are the main Target

There are different types of Malware and they are mostly used by cyber thieves with varying mission which may include hijacking a users address book or even tracking the user's location to facilitate a physical attack Therefore, to prevent your smartphone device from getting attacked by mobile malware, here are the 5 simple ways to prevent the attack. As you know, prevention is better than Cure :)

How To Protect Your Smartphone
  • Always enable a passcode on your device ( make sure it is the one you can hardly forget)  and always update the device as soon as there is a new update.  

  • Take your time to review Applications before downloading them and most especially double check the permissions to be granted e.g Applications that requires access to user's geo- location should be properly reviewed before downloading. Afterall, we all know the power of address and location in a world of Crime

  • Get a very good anti-virus to prevent unauthorised internet connection.

  • Avoid incessant rooting of your device to avoid exposing your device making it susceptible to attack

  • Only download mail attachments from a trusted sender. Some attachments may contain malware waiting for you to do the downloading.

If you have any other way of preventing malware attack on smartphones, do use the comment box below this post.

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