How The Etisalat DotMe Service Works


The Etisalat DotMe service is an sms based messaging board service which allows Etisalat customers to share information with contacts any where, anytime. The Etisalat DotMe service is like sending information to a message base and the message will be published and made available to many people as possible via sms PROVIDED they have your number.
Etisalat DotMe service does not require an internet connection it is strictly sms based and does not require any setup just send a message and the message will be published as your status and also available for all your family and friends to see via SMS

Now, just imagine the possibilities of these service, let me quickly give you my own idea of the possibilities:
  • You can use just one sms to update all your family and friends and they'll be able to get it via sms with just #1 e.g I'm at Home now
  • You can use it to broadcast an event e.g My Dad's Birthday is today at Crawford Hotel
  • You can even use it to inform your customers/clients about a new offer or Bonus e.g New Italian Wears has arrived at TDON'S OUTFIT
The Possibilities are endless and i know the next question on your mind right now is, How do i get started?

Actually, no registration or setup is required, just compose your status message not more than 140 characters and send it to 8900. e.g I'm at work Then send it to 8900. It costs #1 only

After sending the message, wait for a confirmation message that will tell you that the update was successful and will be active for 30 days

Other Features of the Etisalat DotMe  service You Should Know:

  • Follow a dot (i.e follow a message from a particular dotter) to get updates of that Dotter's messages immediately it's been posted simply send a .(dot) to the person's etisalat number For example, send "." without the quotes to 08187445295 mind you that will get you subscribed to my own dots :)
Mind you anybody on any network (anywhere in the world) can follow your dot and get your status via sms. Etisalat subscribers will be charged #1 to follow a dotter while normal sms rate applies for other networks all over the world.  
  • To know how many people are following your dots, simply send the word INFO to 8900 and you will get to know how many people are following your dots
  • To cancel a dot i.e your present status, simply send a .(dot) to 8900 
  • For more information on How the ETISALAT dotme service works, send HELP to 8900

  As for me, i think the Etisalat Dot Me service is a very easy way to share information with people that matters to you but that's just my own opinion, you can write your opinion in the comment box below this post. Sharing is fun!

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  1. Great info... I am just hearing of dotme from etisalat though but i'll try it out now.


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