How To Subscribe and Unsubscribe Glo's 4040 Messages


If you are a Globacom subscriber, i believe you should be aware of this sender '4040'. Well, let me quickly talk about the 4040 service.
    This service provides glo customers with almost free infos on health and beauty tips which is a very good initiative and you get the tips everyday directly in your inbox. I once subscribed for the Beauty Tips but later realised that some of the recommended herbs/plants to be used are either  very uneasy to get or unavailable in my area and to make things worst, there messages do come in at the wrong time and there were even cases of too many messages sometimes so i looked for a way to unsubscribe then later subscribed for the daily Health Tips But, if you are interested in subscribing for these glo service or looking for a way to unsubscribe from the service... This post is the solution!

How To Subscribe To The Beauty Tips From 4040
To get subscribed for the daily tips on Enhancing your beauty, Simply Type 'SUB (leave a space)BEAUTY' then send it to 4040 e.g SUB BEAUTY to  ===>>> 4040

How To Subscribe For The Health Tips From 4040
To get subscribed to the Daily Tips on Health Issues and Healthy Living, Simply type ' SUB (LEAVE A SPACE) HEALTH' then send to ===>>> 4040 e.g type SUB HEALTH and send to ===>>> 4040

How To Unsubscribe From The Service
To Unsubcsribe is as easy as explained above, Simply Text  UNSUB (LEAVE A SPACE) HEALTH OR BEAUTY  then send to 4040 E.g to unsubscribe from the daily health Tips, simply text UNSUB HEALTH and send to 4040

NB: Remember to Leave a space in between and also text in Capital letters 
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  1. Please how do I unsubscribe from glo Instagram messages. I need a reply from Glo as urgent as possible. I may have to change to another network if I don't get a prompt response. Thank you.


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