MTN WEB SELF SERVICE: carry out sim swap and even more


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MTN web self service is a web-based self service solution that will allow you the MTN Customer® request for specific services online at your own convenience without requiring an interaction with an MTN Customer Care Representative.In short you won't have to call the mtn customer care everytime with this MTNWSS. This service is free to use and accessible 24/7 anywhere, Anytime.

You can do the following operations on your MTN account with MTNWSS from the comfort of your PC or mobile device
    1. Perfom an MTN SIM Replacement
    2. View  Call Details
    3. Change  Security Key
    4. Request for your PUK
    5. Check your Balance
    6. Activate an MTN data bundle
    7. Activate and deactivate call forwarding.

      You can set up an MTNWSS account with 3 simple steps;
      • Go register your MTN sim. Ask for your Security number from their office if you registered at an MTN office but if not, 

      • Call 180 to talk to one of the customer care agents and request for your security code and USER ID. You should get a text message shortly containing your security number and ID
      • Goto to login as follows: Customer ID: fill in your customer ID received from the customer care, SECURITY KEY:: Fill in the 4 digit security KEY at the end of the security key as contained in the message received.


      • You won't have to pay exhorbitant fees to that guy by the road side to retrieve your SIM again unless you wish to.
      • You will be able to get your PUK number by yourself without calling the customercare to answer various JAMB questions.
      • It feels so good to know that your MTN is in your hands and you can get things done even faster than ever.

             So, i think the MTNWSS is an initiative that will make life easier on the MTN network OR what do you think please use the comment box below the post to share your views on this MTN web self Service.

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