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Price of Samsung Galaxy S3 in Nigeria

The Samsung Galaxy s3 is inspired by nature according to the manufacturer, Samsung. This phone, sees, listens and responds and above all, it allows you to easily share your beautiful scenes with it's 8MP camera, 4.8 Inch HD super AMOLED display and all other exciting features which gives that truly natural feeling, To read more of it's features... click here


As at now, The Samsung Galaxy s3 is sold at the rate of #98,000 here in Nigeria. Although the price may vary from store - store but i've got some trusted places where you can get it at that rate (Price may change with time though). They are:
                                                                                     *JUMIA  and
                                                                                     *SLOT, NIGERIA

The two sellers above are already well known in Nigeria so i don't think you should doubt their authencity. You can use the comment box at the end of this post to add your own suggestion about price or any other  place to buy the Samsung Galaxy s3 in Nigeria.


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