How To Create Passwords That Are Safe, Strong and Easy to Remember


Passwords are like the lock and key used in securing our online accounts in social networks, Online bank accounts and other related stuffs but just like it's necessary to create very strong passwords, it is also necessary to make the one that is easy to remember and safe. 

The fact is that every password has to be changed from time to time because you don't know who's watching you, looking for any available means of getting your password to carry out various attacks on your files and data. This post will therefore give you some few but highly effective tips on how to create a safe, strong and very easy to remember passwords that can also be easily changed for a new one without stress.

Firstly, always Remember to avoid using a single password for all your online accounts (it is very risky) and avoid using your Birthday dates or spouse's (These are used by cyber criminals for their first trials)

The Few Steps To Creating A Secure Password
  • Think of a phrase from your favorite song or story book, it could even be from an adage you love so well e.g. Every Onlooker Is Either A Coward Or A Traitor
  • Write out the First letters in each word in that phrase you choosed (and capitalise the last one) e.g eoieacoaT
  • Modify that password for each online account by adding the abbreviation of that account e.g eoieacoaTFB for Facebook, eoieacoaTTW for Twitter, eoieacoaTYM for yahoomail and so on 
  • Remember to capitalize the added abbreviation to make it even more stronger
  • You can also use this method to create new ones periodically. 
Lastly, remember to ignore emails or SMS telling you to logon to a website to modify any of your online account password, they are mostly Scam looking for a means of getting your password directly from you
The steps explained above are not static, you can improve it in any other way that will even be more convenient for you.

As for me, I think this method is highly secured and easy to implement... What's your own view on it, please use the comment box below the post to share your thoughts

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