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Subscription Code For AIRTEL 30MB Internet Plan For #200 Only

If  you're the type that only access not too heavy sites on your mobile phone like Facebook and co. Or your rate of internet usage on your AIRTEL powered mobile phone is not too much and you want to be connected to the internet for a long tym without everyday  subscription then you can consider getting this 30MB from AIRTEL with just #200. That's a lot of savings you know :)

Photomerge App for Windows Phone7: Merge multiple pictures into a single one

Photomerge application is a windows phone 7 application that allows you merge 2 or 3 pictures together as a single one to share with your friends just like the Picstory Application for BlackBerry. The photomerge Application is

List of Nokia Phones That Can Use Whatsapp Application

WhatsApp messenger has been here for a while and managed to become a better alternative for sms, voice messaging and calls globally. The Whatsapp application works on iPhones, Androids, BlackBerry, Windows phone and Nokia phones.