3 Best Photo Editing Applications For Windows Phone


Most Windows Phone especially the Windows Phone 7 and above have got very good camera that can take panoramic shots, burst shots and so on, also with very clear pictures that's almost perfect to the eyes. Some of
these windows phone  are preloaded with a Photo Enhancing Application that to me, it's just a simple enhancer nothing much but how about you edit pictures like a PhotoShop pro right from your windows phone? Just read on as I introduce you to jaw dropping photo editing applications that will definitely sweep you off your feet.

1. Fhotoroom=> This application has been awarded as the best Photo editing application last year 2012. This application will bring out the hidden capabilities of your windows phone camera, provide you with several editing tools, customizations and styles after taking shots with one of it's unique sets of cameras or  a picture from your photo library, it will also enable you to rotate your picture to any angle of your choice and also allows you to share your pictures with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr after linking your social network with the application. Another amazing feature of this Fhotoroom application is that you will be able to share your pictures with a unique community of millions of Fhotoroom users. You will be prompted  sign up from the application. I keep discovering new features the more I use it, you can give it a trial by downloading it here or searching for it on your windows phone marketplace. Search for fhotoroom in your windowsphone market place to download and install fhotoroom.

2. Instacam: This is another great photo editing application for windows phone, With this application you can crop and rotate pictures then choose from the different photo styles available to add that PhotoShop look to your picture. To download, search for Insatacam on your Windows phone Market place.

3. Colorify: For details on the "colorify" application, kindly click here to read my previous post on how it works and a sample of a picture i edited with the colorify application for windows phone 7.5.
=>Do you know any other photo editing application for windows phone you would like to share with us? kindly use the comment box at the end of this post.

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  1. Yes, these apps are really best photo editing apps for windows phone and hopefully I've been using these from a long instance. Among these 3 apps Instacam is really sound good to use more than other. I like to use it mostly. Thanks :)

  2. Not only in phone you will retouch your photo in PC as well. There are various photo editing software available on the internet and these software are easy to use. Nowadays photo retouching is very much popular because there are some photos which requires retouching, so enjoy all editing applications.


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