Download PingMe Messenger and Socialize with your friends on Blackberry, Windows phones, Androids and other iOS Phones


PingMe messenger is a social Application that works on Windows Phones, IOS ( like iPhone 5, iPod touch, iPad, iPad mini, iPhone 4/4S/3GS),  Kindle fire, Android and Blackberry devices. PingMe messenger is a cool application that you can trust to help you socialise, share
multimedia files and stay connected with those that matters to you on any of the fore-mentioned platforms.

   PingMe Messenger has got almost all the exciting features of a Blackberry messenger such as voice notes, video sharing, Real time message receipts telling you when your message is sent+ delivered+ Read by the Recepient , Group chat and News feed of the activities of your friends. Another wonderful feature of the PingMe Messenger is that you can actually authorize the application to scan through your Facebook and automatically provide you with all the existing PingMe users on your friends list (Don't be surprised to see a whole lot of your friends there).

   PingMe Messenger also has a GEO-LOCATION feature that helps you to find out friends around your Geo-location. And guess what! It's absolutely Free, you pay nothing.

How To Get Friends

Apart from scanning your phone's address book to get existing users, PingMe allows you to connect your Facebook to get existing PingMe users on your facebook friends list and you can also add someone manually by entering the person's phone number directly.

How Do I Download The Application?
• For windows phone users click here now
• For Blackberry users click here now or search for it in your bb app store.
• For other Platforms like kindle Fire, IOS and Android devices go to

=>>After downloading and trying the messenger, Please let's know how you would rate this application compared to Whatsapp and if you know other similar messengers to PingMe kindly use the comments box at the end of this post to share them.

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