Glo mobile Internet Settings For Paid Data Plans and Pay As You Go


Glo mobile has got different internet settings for a subscribed data plan and Pay as you Go plan and this explains why  you will have to change to the internet settings that fits your status (either you have an active internet data plan or you don't)
whenever you want to browse with glo mobile internet on your phone.

To Get Automatic Internet Settings from Glo
You may try this method first before attempting to do the configuration yourself. This method will prompt the network to send the internet settings directly to your phone therefore saving you time and stress but the problem is that not all phones supports this method but anyhow it is, give it a trial first, it works for most phones.
Automatic Settings For Glo internet data Plans: simply text flat to 1234 and save the settings received.
Automatic Settings For Glo internet Pay As You Go: simply text wap as a message to 1234 and save the settings upon receipt.

Manual Internet Settings For Data Plans
Firstly, I assume you've already subscribed to  a  glo internet data plan of your choice, if not you may read my previous post on Latest Glo internet data plans and subscription codes.
Configure your phone as follows;
=> Name: Glo Mobile Internet
      •Access Point Name (APN): gloflat
      •Username: flat
      •Password:  flat
      •Authentication Type: Normal or CHAP or PAP (it varies with phone)
........ And save the settings.

Manual Internet Settings For Glo Internet Pay As You Go
This settings is for people that are not on a subscribed data plan and want to be charged as they browse from their main account balance.

Configuration Settings
=> Name: Glo mms
      •Access Point Name (APN): glomms
      •Username: mms
      •Password: mms
      •Proxy Server:
      •Port: 3130 or 9201
      •Authentication Type: Normal/PAP/CHAP (depending on your device)
       •Save settings
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