How To Chat On Facebook With Your 2go Application


If you have been familiar with 2go application very well, it should not be news to you that 2go can also be used to used to chat with your Facebook friends online at any point in time.
It's really easy to setup provided you know some simple things that matters but since you are here now, consider it solved :)

To setup Facebook chat on 2go, kindly do the following:

STEP 1: Get your Facebook username: that's an integral part of your Facebook setup on 2go and that's were many people get frustrated because majority thinks it is the username they use for login in (wrong) Facebook will never allow you to enter your full login details on any application apart from Facebook itself. So, to know your Facebook username, do the following: Login to Facebook => Enter your username and password => Click on  "Profile" => Click on info. Now Your username is after the forward slash in the URL address you have at the front of the field "Profile" under the info section you just selected  e.g it looks like this;
    Profile:   (that's mine anyway)

•The username in the url above is the name after the forward slash / and that is allenadeola ( Follow the steps and copy yours somewhere)

STEP 2: Launch the 2go application on your phone > after successful login, Go to SETTINGS > select GATEWAYS > Choose Facebook > Enter the username you copied earlier followed by your Password. Press OK

3. You should start seeing all your Facebook friends online in a few seconds depending on your network. That's all
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