How To Deactivate AIRTEL blackberry Plan

You might have subscribed for AIRTEL blackberry data plan that gives 1GB data that can be used on other smartphone and non-smartphones as explained in one of my previous post How To Get AIRTEL 1GB data Plan for just #1200. Or better still, you may just want to deactivate the Airtel BlackBerry plan in order to reactivate immediately because you have exhausted the 1GB data but whatever the case may be, here's how to deactivate AIRTEL BlackBerry plan anytime.

How To Deactivate AIRTEL BlackBerry Plan

How To Deactivate AIRTEL blackberry Plan

>>To deactivate the AIRTEL BlackBerry plan simply text "DEACTIVATE" (without the quotes) as a message to 440 and the AIRTEL BlackBerry plan will be deactivated immediately and a confirmation message received.
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