How To Download Youtube videos on Windows Phone Fast


Windows Phone 7.5 does not allow direct download of videos or music from the default browser (internet explorer) except through third party applications like UCBrowser, Ultimate music downloader e.t.c

But what I'm sharing with you today is an application I personally use to download YouTube videos into my WindowsPhone directly from the internet without connecting to the PC.

GetThemAll is the name of the app, this application allows you to grab, filter and download media content from any webpage including YouTube website . The application is easy to use and downloads fast.

How to download GetThemAll

Simply go to GET-THEM-ALL download page from your windows phone browser or search for "GetthemAll" in your windows phone marketplace.

How It Works

After successful download and installation, Launch the Application and select browser type or any other URL of your choice into the URL space of the in-built browser >> Go to the media you wish to download and click it >> A message should pop-up seeking your permission to download but if it doesn't simply select options and click Download at the bottom, this will provide you with the link to all the media files on that page including the one for the video, just choose the link to the video file you want and find your download button at the bottom to download it. 

It worked perfectly for me here, use the comments box to let me know if it works for you too.


=>Do you know another Windows Phone Application that can be used to download YouTube videos? Kindly use the comments box to share with us.

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