How To Get Glo 3GB Data Plan With Just #1200


Hello, dear Globacom Nigeria present and prospective fans, I'm really happy to inform you that the cheapest data plan from Glo and in fact the cheapest in Nigeria presently  has finally arrived and it is useable on all
smartphones including Androids, windowsphones, BlackBerry e.t.c.
It's a blackberry plan which provides you with two options; 3GB worth of data for just #1200 (I mean One Thousand, Two Hundred Naira only) and 700MB data at #400 for 1 week. You know what, without wasting time let's quickly go to the subscription codes.
Sorry This Glo Blackberry Plan does not work on Non-Blackberry devices any longer, Check out Cheapest Internet data plans for PC, Androids, iOS and other mobile devices instead- Thanks
Subscription Codes For The Glo 3GB data Plan

As I said earlier, this plan is a Blackberry plan working for all smartphones. So, the different options are as follows;
1. Glo BlackBerry Social Week Plan
2. Glo BlackBerry Social Month Plan

=> To subscribe to the Glo BlackBerry Social Week plan, simply dial *777*8# or send Soweek as a message to 777. This one will cost you just #400

=> To subscribe to the Glo BlackBerry Social Month Plan, simply dial *777*9# or send Somonth as a message to 777 and you will get the 3GB data plan for one good month @ #1200

How Do I Configure My Android?

I guess that's the next question on your mind after Successful subscription, it's very easy.
>>> To configure your Android, simply enter the following settings in your Cellular settings
>>Username: Leave blank
>>Password: Leave blank
>> Access Number: *99# ( don't worry, this is for PC connection)

>>> if you use a Windowsphone, I expect your phone to configure itself on the network but if not, simply search For this application "Connection Setup" in the Marketplace on Your Windows Phone, Launch the application and follow the simple instructions that follows.

How Do I Check My Remaining Data Balance and Status of My Subscription

After subscription, you may try to confirm the allotted data by simply sending "STATUS" (without the quotes) as a message to 777 or dial *777*0#.

 Sometimes ago, Airtel Ng started something similar but with just 1GB data for the same amount. It's now left for us to compare and contrast, What's your Own view about this Plans form Glo and Airtel, Do you think others will emulate this strategy very soon? Kindly use the comment form at the end of this post to share your views and opinions. Thanks

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  1. Can this ame data plan be used to connect to the internet on laptops and comouters?

    1. Yes,there's a way you can now use it on those devices, check out my latest post here -- >

  2. The data plan may be for both but I think it could be for new modem purchased

    1. You should check out our recent post on how to use the Glo blackberry plan on non-bb devices -->

  3. Replies
    1. For now, this method has not been stable. it works for some people not for others. I recommend you check the update for this post here Glo BIS on PC


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