How To Use Glo BIS To Browse On Your Computer And Laptops


You can now Subscribe for A Glo Blackberry BIS plan and use it to browse on your laptops and desktops. This is what I've been using for some weeks now and since I noticed it's like this discovery has come to stay, I just have to let you all know how to do it.

FIRST STEP: You need to subscribe to a blackberry plan, to do that, simply send coweek as a message to 777 for #400 Or Send Comonth as a message to 777 for #1400.

SECOND STEP: Remove the Sim from your phone and insert it into your modem.

THIRD STEP: This is where you configure the modem
I won't be using screenshots to illustrate the process involved due to the fact that there are a lot of modems.and most of them have different modes of setup therefore go to the profile settings of your modem application on your PC and create a new profile using the settings that follow;

Access Number/ Dial up: *99#
Username: leave blank
Password: leave blank the settings and go to the connection tab to connect as usual and start enjoying the internet.
This settings worked perfectly here and I hope it works fine on yours too but either you encounter any problem or it works fine, kindly use the comments box at the end of this post to tell us.

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