How to Collect western union money directly to your Bank Account in Nigeria via Quickteller


Are you also sick and tired of going to the bank to line up for almost everything like me? Or maybe you are just tired of all those bank procedures when you want to collect funds sent to you through Western Union Money Transfer. Well, Quickteller now allows you to collect western union money transfer directly into your local bank account without stepping into the bank.

With the Quickteller Service, you can now Collect Your Money on Western Union without going to any bank or getting a friend to help you out. You can collect the money either in Naira or Dollar. It's actually as simple
as providing the details of the transfer on an online form, Choosing your Bank, Entering your Bank Account number and clicking the Submit button.

Fine, Follow the simple steps below:

1. Sign up For A QUICKTELLER account (Don't worry, it takes just few clicks) - Just go to on your mobile or on your PC. If you already have a Quickteller Account, Skip to the next step.
Collect western union via your mobile phone or PC directly to your Bank Account

2.Login to your Account or go to to go straigt to the Western Union Page on Quickteller ==> Select Your Bank + the preferred Currency you want to be paid with (Dollar or Naira)

3. Enter The MTCN Number and other parameters to be filled carefully such as;
  •  The country of  the sender
  •  Amount expected
  •  receiving account number
  •  Receiving Account Type
  •  Receiving Currency
  •  Your Account Name
  •  Phone Number
  •  and the security Answer
  •  Click next when you are done.
4. Confirm The details you entered and click "receive money".

5. Relax and wait for the reply.

NB: This service is currently available to only GTBANK and STANBIC IBTC Bank as at the time of writing this Article. Good news if you bank with one of those guys :)
Register for Quickteller Now to get Started. 

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  1. yea that'strue, VCASH will soon start the same service ver very soon, from a relible source o

    1. Thanks for the feedback, i'll be watching out for that

  2. Is there a limit to how much can be sent? Especially if you are using a a savings account?

    Also any one used it with success? no hitches?

    This would make receiving my western union paychecks from online jobs much easier :)

    1. yes, there is maximum amount you are allowed to collect in a day. i have used tried and it was perfect


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