How To Reduce Data Consumption on Windows Phone


If you are not in the Western part of this world presently like me, you would agree with me that the only Unlimited plan we have here is for the proclaimed ‘Blacberry users’ while the other smart phone users like Windows phones and Androids are left with no other choice than to pay exorbitant prices which is to me, a very biased strategy – Thanks to Glo, Airtel. MTN, Etisalat and Visafone – The major players.
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However, we just have to look for means to minimise data consumption in order to avoid using up #6000 worth of data plan within two days. So, here is how you can control the way your windows Phone connects to the internet without your consent.
How To Reduce Data Consumption on Windows Phone

Firstly, you need to know that the more application you have on your windows phone, the more you stand the chance of using up a lot of data in little time, especially those social applications and mail syncing.
The Simple way to control your data usage is to:

Switch off the internet when you are busy with some other  things. To do that Goto settings>>> Cellular>>>OFF

* Avoid sleeping off during chatting, just tell your friend you want to sleep when you know you  are sleepy. So,you don’t wakeup to blame yourself when you discover you have almost used up the data allotted to you on subscription

* Check out reviews of an application before downloading so you don’t end up downloading what you actually don’t need.

* Change the sync settings of your mails to manual.

* And finally, the ultimate solution, if you know you can’t really keep most of these rules, simply make sure you enable Battery saver MODE always.

I guess that’s your next question and the answer is that whenever you enable battery saver mode, your windows phone will automatically begin to reduce the number of underground apps using the internet. 

During these period, mail synchronization, tiles updates and other data consuming activities on your windows phone are suspended unless you initiate the process by yourself they won’t use your data e.g synchronizing of mails.  

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  1. I have noticed a significant change in the rate of battery drain on my windows phone after applying this tips. Thanks Admin


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