MP3TUBE: Download, Convert Youtube videos to mp3 on Windows Phone


To create a custom ringtone on your windows phone 8 - 7.5 requires downloading the song of your choice {that is less than 1MB and not more than 45seconds} with an application that supports the process such as “Freemusic Downloader”, “easyRing & Music” and so many others.

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But today I would like to introduce you to an application that allows me not to only download a video from youtube but automatically converts the music downloaded to mp3 and that’s not all. I can also edit the music to use as a ring tone. All of these within an application! Great! isn’t it?


1. Firstly, you need to download the application >>>> Go to “Market place” on your windows phone and type “MP3TUBE” in the search query. You will be provided with the paid one (No adverts) and the free one (With adverts) >>>>>>> Download any of the two..

2.Launch the application >>>>>> Search for the video you want >>>>>> Click download and leave the rest to the application.

3. After downloading, go to “Downloads” to play downloaded songs or make song as your custom ringtone

MP3TUBE: Download, Convert Youtube videos to mp3 on Windows Phone



* Launch the application >>>>> Go to Downloads >>>>>> Slide screen to the right to see the list of downloaded songs>>>> Select a song >>>> select options and choose “make a ring tone” at the bottom.

Download MP3TUBE now and start converting youtube videos to mp3 and your custom Ringtone.

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