Latest MTN NIGERIA Internet Data Plans and Subscription Codes


Here’s the list of MTN Nigeria data plans, subscription codes and price list. MTN provide various internet plans to choose from and with as little as #5.00, you can be sure of getting on the internet. Check the table below for the concise list.

UPDATE: MTN Night Plan -- 4.5GB --*102#-- 2,500 Naira
Bundle Plan Price (#) Total Data Allowance Validity Period Activation Code USSD
5MB #5 5MB 1 DAY
10MB #100 10MB 1 DAY 104 *104#
25MB #400 25MB 1 WEEK 105 *105#
100MB #1000 260MB 1 MONTH 106 *106#
250MB #1300 325MB 1 MONTH 109 *109#
500MB #2000 750MB 1 MONTH 110 *110#
1GB #3,500 1.5GB 1 MONTH 111 *111#
5GB #8000 7.5GB 1 MONTH 101 *101#

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MTN Night Plan --- 4.5GB ---- 30 Days --102-- 2,500 Naira

MTN NG Internet Data Plans, subscription codes


You can either subscribe via text or USSD

  • To subscribe via text, simply text the Activation Code of your choice to 131 e.g text ‘102’  to ‘131’ (without the quotes) to purchase the MTN Night Plan which gives you 4.5 GB data for 30 days at 2,500 naira only.

  • To subscribe via USSD, simply dial the USSD code of your choice e.g *101# and press send. make sure you have enough credits before dialing.
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  1. Mtn don't have whatsapp plan?

  2. Dis update abt d MTN Plan is fake jur....i mean, its sti d same plan eg. D 100MB fr 1mnth is stil d 100MB nd wat makes it 260MB is jst d Bonus MTN wil add 2 ur plan 4 free which is 160MB bonus...xo der is no eny update oooo,MTN 100MB @1k wil stil n olways be 100MB witout d free additonal Data....Tnx

  3. Yea its a head ache loading air time is something going on.

  4. other networks r into seperate plan for watsap & facebok,wot is mtn doing pls, kindly do the same biko,there's no time ooooooo

    1. Anonymous, MTN now have a whatsapp plan. See details here

  5. Is this 4.5MB to be used only at night. Why is it called night plan. please explain this.
    Thank you.

  6. Nkechi, here's how it works, 1.5GB out of the 4.5GB will be available to use during the daytime while the remaining 3GB Is for night time.

  7. Pls, d 3GB out of 4.5GB night plan does not work. I observed that mtn still deduct from my 1.5GB daytime during night time. My night plan is still intact while d daytime plan has bin exhuasted. Mtn cannot b trusted.

  8. Same thing happens to the 3GB sometimes, the best way to fix that is to switch the data off and on again so the correct data can be activated for usage

  9. 1gig which is equivalnt 1024mb for #1200. Whatsapp 08156232750 for details on how u can get it anywhere u are in naija. #note that it is legal.

  10. Cheap MTN Data.

    1GB data for 1400,
    Valid for one month,
    Works in all phones and modems.
    Does not work on old BB phones.
    If you subscribe befor it expire, mtn will rollover your remaining data.
    If your interested call 08033262562 or whatsapp.

  11. Good one bro you are doing a good work on here, just keep it up

  12. Was going through this bundle, and am surprised to see that you have not shared the MTN 1.5gb for 1,000. It's the best plan for mobile users

  13. You took your precious time to give us a comprehensive list of mtn subscription, we say thank you. Just an appreciation feed back


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