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How To Get Airtel's 3GB Data Plan With Just #2800 and Save #1400

By now, almost everyone knows that AIRTEL Blackberry plan works on other mobile devices  check out How To Get AIRTEL'S 1GB Data Plan With Just #1200 . But today i want to quickly inform you that you can now subscribe for 3 months AIRTEL Nigeria Blackberry Complete Monthly Plan with #2800 only. So, whether you are on a Blackberry phone, Androids, windows phone or any other device that connects with the Airtel blackberry plan, you can now save #1400 whenever you subscribe for the 3 months plan for #2800.

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1400 * 3 months = #4200
3 months is now  = #2800


To get the AIRTEL'S 3GB Data, simply sms 'BCM3' to 440 after loading the sufficient credit for the transaction.

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