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BBM Now Available on Android, Download BBM For Android Free

BBM has finally arrived for Android Phone Users. After all the months of patiently waiting, the BBM application is now available although it is not yet available on Google play as speculated earlier last week. Moreover, there are a lot of ''Wanna-be'' BBM application right there on Google play so you need to

Specs and Price of The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to be released in October, 2013

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has been set to be released in October this year. Although some mobile reviews have made it known that the new Samsung galaxy note 3 will be having the same programmes like the sister device- Samsung Galaxy s4 but from the specifications i have seen so far, the Samsung Galaxy note 3 has got more exciting features compared to the last one released. Below  are the full specs of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Microsoft Set to Acquire Nokia's Devices and Services with EUR5.44bn

Microsoft have finally concluded plans to buy the Giant mobile phone producing company,  Nokia . This plan was made known earlier this month of september, 2013 when the board of directors of both companies entered into an agreement whereby Microsoft will purchase substantially all of Nokia’s Devices & Services business, license Nokia’s patents, license and use Nokia’s mapping

Full Details of The Glo Bounce Tariff Plan and Migration Codes

Glo Bounce tariff plan is a prepaid price plan from glo nigeria with a whole lot of freebies and amazingly low call rates for as low as 5k/sec. The tariff plan has come with 0.00 daily charge so you don't have to start worrying about paying a dime to get the freebies. Below is the full details and the migration codes for the glo bounce tariff plan.

How To Configure Glo Internet settings On Android Phones To Browse The Internet

In my previous post I talked about simple, very easy to follow steps in configuring MTN internet settings on your Android phone , now I want to quickly take you through the steps involved in configuring glo internet settings on your Android device and start connecting to the internet.

Nokia Lumia 520; Specs and Price In Nigeria

Nokia Lumia 520 is a smartphone from nokia running the Windows OS. It is an additional brand to the already known Nokia Lumia series. Below is the full specification and price of the Nokia lumia 520 in Nigeria. Nokia Lumia 520 Specifications

How To Root Your Android Device By Yourself without PC

Here is how you can quickly Root your Android device by yourself without PC. In one of my previous posts >>> Rooting Your Android Phone: Should I root My Android Phone or Not? , I have explained the advantages and disadvantages of rooting your Android phone. So, I recommend you read that before you continue with your decision to root your Android phone, otherwise you may continue reading. download Amplified bible and other bible versions to Nokia and other Mobile phones is a dedicated website with various bible versions to download to your mobile phones. Mobile phones that support .jad/.jar applications can also download from this site. If you are the type of person that loves to read your bible  on the go and also have access to different versions of the bible right from your mobile device, then I  recommend

How To Configure MTN internet settings On Your Android Phone and Browse The Internet

Here is how you can configure your Android phone in Nigeria to use MTN internet. It is very easy to configure, just follow the simple steps and your Android device will start connecting to the internet in few minutes. STEP 1: Create New APN

Rooting Your Android: Should I Root My Android Phone Or Not?

"Should i root my android phone or not' is a popular question now among new and old android device owners. In this my brief article, i am not going to ask you to root your android phone or not but will only make you see reasons why you should and why you should not, so if you are interested in rooting your Android phone, here is a must read article for you. What is Android rooting?  

How to register MTN U and Me numbers and Enjoy your MTN Bonus

If you are on MTN smooth talk or tru talk and wondering how you can register your MTN you and me numbers to start enjoying your bonus credits then you are at the right place. Find details on how to register and check your current list of MTN You and Me numbers below.