MTN Share n Sell: How To Transfer Credits To Friends and Family On MTN


MTN Share ' n ' sell is a service by MTN which allows you to share all or part of your call credits with friends. To everyone that has been looking for ways to share credits with loved ones on the MTN Network, here is the full detail.

STEP 1: Change your PIN
The MTN Share n Sell service is already pre-activated on your MTN sim, you will do the full activation by changing the default PIN: Simply type a text message in the format below to 777
                  0000 'your preferred PIN' 'your preferred PIN' 
E.g i would text 0000 1234 1234 as a message to 777

NB: 0000 is the default PIN while 1234 is my preferred PIN but unlike me, make sure you keep your preferred PIN safe to yourself :)

After the first step above, you would receive a text message confirming your successful change of PIN.
STEP 2: To Send Credits To Friends and Family on The MTN Network
 To transfer credits to other MTN lines, simply send a message in the below format to 777
>>> Transfer-friend's MTN number-Amount to be sent-Your PIN
For example, To send #200 to 08031234567,  i would text ''Transfer 08031234567 200 1234'' as a message to 777.

NB: Take note of the spaces

STEP 3: Confirm Your Request
After sending the message in STEP 2 above, you would receive a message asking you to reply with YES within 15 minutes. Simply reply the Text with YES and you will get a confirmation message of a successful transaction. That's all

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