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Nokia Set To Release First Android Phone

During the just concluded Mobile World Congress , nokia also announced the details of their Android phone- X and X+ that is set to be released this year, the X phone has a 4-inch, 840 x 480 IPS screen, 512MB RAM, 4GB of storage expandable storage via microSD slot and 3-megapixel camera, while the X+ has the  same specs but more RAM (768MB with 4GB microSD Card.

Whatsapp Plans To Introduce Voice Calling

Users of Whatsapp, one of the most popular mobile messaging application globally with over 465 million users (According to the CEO of whatsapp) should expect a new upgrade this year 2014 as Jan Koum, Co-founder and CEO of whatsapp has revealed in his presentation at the recently held Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain on February 24, 2014.

How To Add and Remove Friends On Airtel Club 10 Padis

For the benefit of everyone that has been wondering how to add friends to their club 10 padis in order to enjoy all the benefits of the tariff plan, here's how to do it but incase you are hearing about this plan for the first time and wish to know all the details as well as migration codes - Read this article -   How To Migrate To Airtel Club10 Padis .

How To Migrate To Airtel Club10 Padis

Airtel Club 10 Padi is a tariff plan from Airtel targeted at the Youth and young at heart.  This tariff plan requires you to form a club of just 10 peeps and start getting so many benefits. But before i show you how to migrate to this Airtel Club 10 Padi, let's quickly look at the benefits;

How To Check Your Bonus On The Glo Bumpa Tariff Plan

Many weeks ago i shared on this site  Full details of the New Glo Bumpa tarrif Plan that Gives 200% Bonus   but since then, a lot of people have been asking me about how they can check their bonus on this Glo Bumpa tariff plan. Now here's the solution.