How To Add and Remove Friends On Airtel Club 10 Padis


For the benefit of everyone that has been wondering how to add friends to their club 10 padis in order to enjoy all the benefits of the tariff plan, here's how to do it but incase you are hearing about this plan for the first time and wish to know all the details as well as migration codes - Read this article - How To Migrate To Airtel Club10 Padis.

How To Add Friends To The Airtel Club 10 Padis

To add friends to the Airtel Club 10 Padis, simply dial *166*2* the person's number
e.g *166*2*08081234567#

How To Remove Friends On AIRTEL Club 10 Padis

To remove a friend from your club members on Airtel Club 10 Padis, simply dial *166*3*the person's number # E.g *166*3*08081234567#

How to add and remove Friends on the Airtel Club 10 Padis

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Credits: Airtel website