Nokia Set To Release First Android Phone


During the just concluded Mobile World Congress, nokia also announced the details of their Android phone- X and X+ that is set to be released this year, the X phone has a 4-inch, 840 x 480 IPS screen, 512MB RAM, 4GB of storage expandable storage via microSD slot and 3-megapixel camera, while the X+ has the same specs but more RAM (768MB with 4GB microSD Card.

 The phones will be running the forked AOSP Android OS and therefore will  NOT be having Google Apps and Play Store but will be having the Nokia store where you can download Maps, Radio and Skype among others. Engadgets also reported that the Nokia X andX+ will be having the swiftkeys free of charge, According to the same source, the Nokia X and X+ will be having a similar feature of the Nokia Asha Devices and when you swipe across the screen, a notification bar containing list of used applications, missed calls and other recent or ongoing activities will be displayed

When Will The Nokia X and X+ be available?
The phone will be available in the US around the second quarter of this year and should be sold for 99Euros. We don't know when it will be coming to Nigeria yet but you can get the update when it drops by connecting with Inforisticblog  through the Facebook Page, Twitter, Google Plus or Subscribe with Your Email




  1. Bear in mind about some of their administrations. I for one would love to see Nokia/Ovi Maps (or as it is as of late called, Nokia HERE) on Android.
    Nokia's genuine force was the equipment - as well as the nature of their administrations. Their camera programming, GPS navigation, even their app store (regardless of how brief that was) was top quality. Their desktop organization app would beat even today's organization apps (well, those that are discharged, any way), and we're discussing a 5-6 year old programming here!
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