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The Nokia X- Android Phone is Now Available in Nigeria: Check Price

Some weeks ago, i posted about Nokia set to release their first android phone and today our waiting is finally over as the Nokia brand of android powered phones finally hit the Nigeria Smartphone market this week. But before i go any further let's take a quick look at the popular specifications of the phone before moving to the price in Nigeria.

Office Mobile For Android and iPhone is Now Free: See details

Just as Microsoft announced the release of their version of Office for iPad this week, they also decided to give their customers on the Android  and iPhone platforms another reason to smile by making the Office mobile for Android and iPhone free for everyone. Over the years, Windows phone has been the only device with the Microsoft office for free but not

Official Microsoft Office for iPad has been Released - Download Now

Microsoft has finally released the official version of the popular Microsoft power point , Excel and Word for iPad this week. According to OfficeBlog , the applications were made with full consideration of what people love about office and how they would have loved to use it on their tablets.

How I Send Free SMS From My Gmail Account To Mobile Phones

Gmail is one of the products of Google and when it comes to free and easy to manage mail with a lot of space, Gmail is definitely the best. Gmail allows you to login easily on your mobile, PCs and other internet devices without hassles unlike the yahoo mail that could give so much trouble while trying to login from your mobile phone.

3 Easy Steps For Changing Your 2go Phone number

These tutorial will guide you on the three(3) easy steps for changing the phone number associated with your 2go account but before we proceed, here are the details of the requirements for completing the process: (1) Your Full Name

How Do I Know The ZIP Code of My Place in Nigeria?

ZIP code also known as postal code is used when mailing a letter. Some online registration forms such as Google Adsense, ClickBank, dating sites and several other sites on the internet may require you to fill in your Postal codes, and this is where most internet users in Nigeria come to the point where they seek an earnest reply to the question; "What is the ZIP Code of My Place in Nigeria"? Well, the answer is here, read on.

Top 5+ Sites To Download Latest Nollywood Movies on your Phone 2019

Nollywood movies have really grown over the years; enjoying air-plays in different parts of Africa and all around the globe. Although, much still needs to be done especially in the Yoruba movies section with alarming grammatical errors in their subtitles, but all the same, it's still entertaining despite the odds.

How To Transfer Airtime On Airtel Network

Are you trying to transfer airtime on Airtel network? You might have tried some codes that didn't work, that's why I have created the step-by-step guide to enable you transfer airtime with ease.

How To Install Earlier versions of BBM Instead Of BBM 8.0

Ever since the latest version of BBM (BBM 8.0) was released, a lot of people using some kind of lower blackberry versions have been having issues with hanging and slow loading on the new BBM, Downgrading to a lower version has also been impossible but here's how  you can delete and install lower versions of BBM on your Blackberry and say bye-bye to the slow loading and frustrating hangs.

How To Install Instagram and Temple Run on Blackberry

The latest upgrade of Blackberry 10 to 10.2.1 now allows Blackberry devices running this new update to install and use Android Apps such as Instagram and Temple run. So if you have been thinking of sharing your pix on instagram or running endlessly with temple run but you've always been disappointed because it is unavailable in the Blackberry world, here's just what you need to do.