How Do I Know The ZIP Code of My Place in Nigeria?


ZIP code also known as postal code is used when mailing a letter. Some online registration forms such as Google Adsense, ClickBank, dating sites and several other sites on the internet may require you to fill in your Postal codes, and this is where most internet users in Nigeria come to the point where they seek an earnest reply to the question; "What is the ZIP Code of My Place in Nigeria"? Well, the answer is here, read on.

ZIP Codes is used in the United States of America but here in Nigeria and every other country except the USA, Postal codes are used instead and they serve the same purpose.

So, How Do I know the ZIP/Postal Code of Where I stay In Nigeria?

This is simple, the Nigeria postal service are the one in charge of Nigeria's mailing system and they have put in place a segment of the NIPOST website to address this issue by allowing you to fill in details of your location in a form on the website, submit and get the postal code of the location you entered as simple as ABC. Check example in the screen shot below.
How Do I know The ZIP Code Of My Place in Nigeria
picture of NIPOST Postal Code Look Up System
On the page above, you will be asked to fill in:
  • State
  • Town
  • Area
  • Street 


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  1. Can i actually use the code to get my letters from abroad delivered to me?

  2. You have really helped out, I used to be confused about zip and postal codes


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