How I Send Free SMS From My Gmail Account To Mobile Phones


Gmail is one of the products of Google and when it comes to free and easy to manage mail with a lot of space, Gmail is definitely the best. Gmail allows you to login easily on your mobile, PCs and other internet devices without hassles unlike the yahoo mail that could give so much trouble while trying to login from your mobile phone.

One of the advantages of Gmail that i love so much is the ability to send texts from your Gmail account to your peeps on your Google contact list. This tutorial will guide you on how to add new contact details and message them via your Gmail account free of charge.

Step ONE: You need to login to your Gmail Account

And if you do not have one yet, visit to create one now for free

Step TWO: After successful login

Go to the left corner of your inbox page as seen in the screenshot below. Type the name of the person you want to be texting, you will be prompted right next to the cursor if you want to send the person SMS or mail, Choose SMS then a screen will pop-up like in the screen shot you have in Step 3
How I Send Text Messages From My Gmail Account To Anywhere in The World


In the screen that pops up, you will notice that the contact name has already been added as well as the country but if the country is different, you can change it by clicking the arrow next to that country to get the full list of countries. And if you are cool with that, move to the next box (where you have the second red arrow) to input the contact's number. If it's a Nigerian number, DON'T put the first 0 for example 7061234567 instead of 07061234567

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 Step 4: Save your Input on the Pop-up window and get ready to send your first SMS. 

After saving the contact, a small window shows up at the right hand bottom corner, there you can input your SMS followed by the "ENTER" key to send
NB: Please note that you only have 50 points to send sms daily and you will get the point spent on an SMS when the recipient replies i.e when you send an SMS to someone, a point will be deducted from the 50 points and you will get the point back if the person replies your message.

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You can only send text on the Desktop version, this feature can not be found on the mobile version of Gmail. Happy texting. For any questions, comments or observations, kindly use the comment box below this article to let me know. CHEERS!

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