How To Install Earlier versions of BBM Instead Of BBM 8.0

Ever since the latest version of BBM (BBM 8.0) was released, a lot of people using some kind of lower blackberry versions have been having issues with hanging and slow loading on the new BBM, Downgrading to a lower version has also been impossible but here's how  you can delete and install lower versions of BBM on your Blackberry and say bye-bye to the slow loading and frustrating hangs.
How To Install Earlier Versions of BBM Instead of BBM 8.0

How To Downgrade From BBM 8.0 to Lower Versions
1. Before you can do the downgrade, you will need to delete the current one by going to MENU >> Options >> Device >> Application Management then Locate the BBM app and delete it.

2. After successful delete, allow the phone to reboot.
3. Using your default blackberry browser, click on any of the links below depending on the OS version of your Blackberry device and install accordingly.
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