How To Transfer Airtime On Airtel Network


Are you trying to transfer airtime on Airtel network? You might have tried some codes that didn't work, that's why I have created the step-by-step guide to enable you transfer airtime with ease.

How To Transfer Airtime On Airtel

There are 2 ways of transferring Airtime on Airtel network;

  • Transfer Airtime via Short code
This method is fast and simple. To transfer airtime using this method, dial *141#, select 5 on the Menu "Gift or share data", then follow the on-screen prompt to complete your transfer 

  • Transfer Airtime via Text
To transfer credit from your Airtel line to another Airtel line, simply compose a New Text message in this format to 432; 2u recipient's number Amount 1234. Where 1234 is the default PIN, i will show you how to change the default PIN as you continue

For example; 2u 08081234567 100 1234 to 432  (Pls take note of the spaces and note that 100 is the amount to be sent while 1234 is the default PIN)

How To Transfer Call Credits On Airtel Network

How To Change The Default PIN (1234)

In order to change the default PIN, just compose a new text message in this format;

For example: PIN 1234 0123. (Where 1234 is the default PIN and 0123 is the new PIN)

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