YouTube On Android now automatically generates playlists of your favorite artists


YouTube is apparently one of the biggest platforms globally to listen to music or watch videos but it may be a bit stressful sometimes to compile a playlist of your favorite songs by a particular artist. The stress has though been eased for Youtube users on Desktop since last year but it's so exciting to just find out about Youtube adding same feature for Android users, this feature is referred to as YouTube
Mix and it is now available on Android devices.
YouTube On Android now automatically generates playlists of your favorite artists

So, with the Youtube mix feature on Android you can simply enter an artist's name and Youtube will auto-generate a playlist of the artist's song with a click. This will definitely be in favour of popular or well-known artists with many songs on Youtube coupled with high number of views, that's in my own opinion though.

Lastly, according to Android Police,  you don't need to update your current Youtube application because the feature will be implemented on the server instead.

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  1. Cool, but youtube consumes a lot of data on my android I don't think I'll be able to even listen to all the songs on the playlist before I'll get disconnected

    1. I don't know for how long Airtel is gon' keep their Airtel BB Unlimited Plan working on non-bb devices though but for now, you can give it a shot because 1500 NGN for 1.5GB of data still looks cool compared to 1000 NGN for 260MB, Check out the airtel BB unlimited plans here:


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