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How To Check Your Data balance on Glo Network

Here's how you can check the balance of your data subscription on the Glo network, this post is like an update to one of my previous write-ups >>> Latest Glo Internet Data Plans and subscription codes .

Does Glo BIS still work on PC and other mobile devices?

For some time now, people have been asking me if it's still possible to use Glo BIS Plan on PC and other mobile devices like androids , ipads e.t.c. Mind you, it is very possible, with some few extra requirements you'll be good to go. And by the way, i don't consider this as a cheat since you will be paying for the Glo BIS subscription and you won't be using more than the allocated data of the plan.

Samsung to release Gold Galaxy S5 by ending of May, 2014

Some Telecom. service providers in the US have started announcing dates to start sales of the Samsung Galaxy S5 Gold . Anything Gold as we all know usually looks more classy and when it applies to mobile devices, the effect is highly superb. According to AndroidPolice , major carriers in the US, such as AT&T, US Cellular, Verizon e.t.c will kick start the sales by the end of May.

Check out The New Microsoft Surface Pro 3 with 12-inch screen

Microsoft has released it's biggest tablet ever with a 12 inch screen and 2,160 x 1,440 screen display. According to Engadgets , this new Microsoft surface Pro 3 has new and improved features to add more value to the existing surface brand. Some of these features includes;

New Tecno R7: Full specifications and price in Nigeria

Tecno has been doing a great job, providing phones that's got highly competitive features at very affordable prices. Just of recent, a new mobile device was added to the brand called the Tecno R7 and the most interesting feature is that it's got 1.5 GHz 6-core processor with 13MP and 5MP rear and front camera respectively.

Airtel Blackberry Unlimited Plan now reduced from 2 GB to 1.5 GB

If you have been using the Airtel Blackberry unlimited plan , you would have noticed that the allocated data is no longer 2 GB . This happened to be a reduction that caught users unawares as Airtel Nigeria did not bother sending any message to inform customers before reducing the allocated data by 0.5 GB (500MB) .

How To prevent Google from recording your search activities and clear your search history

Google take records of everything you've ever searched for on and when you are logged in to any of the google products such as Gmail , blogger, youtube and so on, the data collection becomes even more personal.

Can I receive My Google Adsense earnings with a naira savings account?

It's no longer a new story that Google adsense now pay Nigeria online publishers via wire transfer into their bank accounts but the question some people have been asking is exactly what this article is all about -Can i receive my Google adsense earnings wired into my Naira savings account?

Unable to use your free data from Glo? Here's the solution

when i first migrated to the Glo Bounce plan, i almost thought the free 30MB was a fluke because i was unable to use it and the free MB was just piling up and yet not useable, after several unfruitful calls to glo customer care, i was able to use the free data, Here's how i did it and i'm sure it will work for you.

How to know Original Tecno phone or battery

Owners of Tecno mobile might have detected some imitations of their products in the market or better still just trying to prevent possible risk of having fake tecno products around by providing an online platform where prospective or current users of tecno mobile can quickly check the genuineness of that Tecno phone before buying it and if you already have one, you may just check for the sake of assurance. Here's how you can check for original tecno battery or phone.

Cheapest Internet Data Plans for PC, Androids, iPads and other mobile devices 2019

Recently, a lot of people have been asking me on my facebook , Google+ pages about cheap internet data plans that is not only affordable but with enough bandwidth/Data.