Airtel Blackberry Unlimited Plan now reduced from 2 GB to 1.5 GB

If you have been using the Airtel Blackberry unlimited plan, you would have noticed that the allocated data is no longer 2 GB. This happened to be a reduction that caught users unawares as Airtel Nigeria did not bother sending any message to inform customers before reducing the allocated data by 0.5 GB (500MB).

Next time you subscribe for this Airtel BB plan, you may quickly confirm this by dialing *123*9# to see the allocated data for yourself. Moreover, charging rate on the usage of this Airtel bb plan on non-bb devices has also changed, so if you still want to use the Airtel Blackberry unlimited plan (daily or monthly) on your PC, android or any other non-bb devices, kindly note that the 1.5 GB (1500 MB) that will be allocated to you upon subscription is as good as 0.75 GB (750 MB).

All existing or prospective users of Airtel Blackberry Unlimited Plan should take note of this. And if you would care for my simple recommendation, i suggest you use the MTN Night plan instead which gives you 1.5 GB to use during the day and 3GB to use from 9p.m to 6a.m for just 2500 NGN (duration = 30 days). Are you still using this Airtel Blackberry plan or recently noticed these changes as well, I'd appreciate you use any of the comment boxes to contribute your opinions about this unannounced reduction in allocated data.

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  1. Is the airtel blackberry unlimited plan still working on android? i want to know before i go subscribe

    1. Yes, it is still working BUT make sure you have read this article very well so you don't discover any funny surprises

  2. It is working but the data finishes like fuel in a V8 engine.i hate airtel for this and I'm done with the network

  3. Nice i really like this its looking awesome.

  4. Same thing applies, Airtel has altered the charging rate of all their BIS plans on non-BB devices.


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